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forever-unfulfilled replied to your post: this israeli-palestinian conflict is c…

That’s easy for you to say but you’re missing a lot of details here

what am i missing??

ew im so annoyed with everyone and everything and then that guy that was on death penalty and it took 2 hours for him to die like wtf they used an experimental like injection or whatever and thats bc a lot of companies have stopped selling the injections and theyve stopped selling the lethal chemical sodium whatever and like what the fuck theyve like INSISTED on keeping the death penalty legal AND LIKE OMFG ARIZONA OR WHATEVER SOME STATE WITH AN A MAYBE ALABAMA they do secret stuff like i think they made it into a law a secrecy law and they pay some companies in cash to hide their trails bc also lawyers are suing the prisons bc the experimental shit is completely botched blah blah and like how fucked up is that the’re like completely in love with the death penalty and they dont give a fuck if the inmate suffers in their last moments of death EVEN THO the death penalty is supposed to be quick and painless and ugh they just dont fucking care like even if it means they have to experiment on the fucking inmates like what the fuck heres an idea bye get out use that experimental shit on yourself and get out thats so sick thats disgusting

this israeli-palestinian conflict is complete shit like theres literally no evidence that palestinians killed or even kidnapped those 3 teens like what the fuck is this whole conflict about theres NO concrete evidence palestinians did anything like can we just ok gaza literally has the shittiest weapons shittiest rockets seriously it cant aim its fucking rockets BUT ISRAEL ON THE OTHER HAND has like quality ass weapons and quality ass rockets and like jesus fuck this obviously isn’t about the 3 teens anymore this is about land this is about the obliteration of palestinians if this was about the 3 teens then israel would be looking for their killers it would be trying to get justice and bringing the murderers to court BUT NOOOOOOOOOO obv bombing hospitals and schools and basically every part of fuckin gaza is the right thing to do bc ya know thats how you get justice, you kill 700+ innocent people bc 3 were killed and ya know it was just a guess that palestininans killed them but ya know what the hell lets just bomb everything

omfg i remember we had a debate on the death penalty and my team used a lot of like logical reasoning and evidence and stuff but then the other team used a SHITLOAD of emotional reasoning and evidence and they ended their debate with a story about how this guy killed this family and he escaped and killed again and so yay to death penalty and lmfao they won bc of that and i laughed afterwards bc damn my classmates are weak af


Gaza emergency workers fear for their lives

I’m getting sick of certain people so whenever they start talking to me I put my phone on silent to delay the time I would have to respond to them

" There comes a point where you just go, ‘Ultimately, I don’t really give a fuck any more. "

Helena Bonham Carter (via kushandwizdom)